Things I’m okay with drawing:  

  • Art of other people’s characters for gifts

  • Nudity to a small degree

  • Light sexual / suggestive content

  • Light gore ( cuts, bruises, stitches etc )

  • Anthro Characters (except for birds, reptiles, amphibians for reasons related to artistic limitations)

Things I will refuse to draw: 

  • Anything that promotes offensive material. ( Racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, pedophillic material. )

  • Explicit sexual content

  • Real life people (celebrity, family member, friend, yourself) unless you have a drawn persona already made.

  • Explicit gore

  • Heavy mecha or extremely detailed clothing (example: Fantasy armor)

  • Anything based on  just text reference.

  • Discreet fetish art. (Art that can be passed as safe for work but meant for sexual purposes.)

  • Hyper muscular characters (Think of Fist of the north star proportions for reference.)

I reserve the right to refuse or reject any orders, regardless of the reason, regardless of the person requesting even up to the point before payment processing.

How to reach me:


Twitter: @strovi_

Twitter DM is my most preffered.


I do not work on weekends as this is full time so if you do have a deadline please make it apparent and your commission will be prioritized.


  • I accept money through Paypal and I only use invoices, please do not use paypal/me.

  • I take payment upfront only. Please do not attempt to pay me ahead of time until I have responded and accepted your order.

  • Please give clear visual references based on the desired commission order. It is best to be as detailed as needed to avoid misunderstandings.

  • If you have a deadline, let me know so that I may prioritize your commission, if you do not have a deadline I will take my time but I do not let it last longer than 2 months.

  • Prices are per character. 


  • I will update you the sketch process if desired.
    You may ask for a WIP of the image at any time. 

  • If you are unhappy with your WIP during the sketch process you may request minor edits but I will refuse redrawing more than two sketches. 

  • Once I get approval of the sketch, then that is final.

  • If the line work and the color work is completed then I allow mistake edits. Any other large edits is negotiable but might require an extra charge.


  • I will not issue a refund passed the sketch phase. You are free to cancel any commission request before payment is sent.

  • I reserve the right to refund any orders at any time, regardless of the reason, regardless of the person requesting.

  • If you file a charge back against me without my consent or no prior discussion with the intent to commit a scam, I will record every interaction and information you've given me that says otherwise to deny your charge back towards Paypal and dispute it. I will have all rights to the image you've had me drawn and they are no longer your property. You will not be allowed to commission me again and I will make your name known so that others will not receive the same treatment.